Intuitive alignment is the key to marital bliss. And, Rae gets it!

Posted by Simran

As featured in Evolve in The Statesman newspaper – Sun, 04 December 2016. In a society where getting married at the right time is probably more important than having a wholesome breakfast, it is getting increasingly common to find urban, educated, young professionals constantly lost in this culture. Even if the individuals know what they want or is looking for, they certainly have no idea where and how to find the right person. Mirroring the…

How Bill Gates met his wife?

Posted by Simran

Question : Did you ever think it would be difficult for you to find a spouse that would be able to keep up with you? Bill Gates: Yeah, I suppose so. Not keep up but everyone worries I suppose if there is a match Question: So how did you happen to meet your wife? Bill Gates: There is an element of luck. [She was at Microsoft] She didn’t work directly for me and at first…

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