Why should you go to Vienna on your romantic getaway?

Posted by Simran

If someone would to ask me, why should I go to Vienna I would summarize it as: go for cake, coffee and music (in that order!). Coffee and cake. Vienna is the capital city of Austria, and is one of the most beautiful European cities I have ever visited. It probably trumps Paris in its beautiful architecture in my opinion, and that’s a big statement to make! Beautiful architecture everywhere with hints of green. Beautiful museums Green…

Where should you first meet your prospective partner for the first time?

Posted by Simran

With the help of your friends/family/ matrimonial site, you have managed to zero in on one prospective life mate. You really cannot make a decision without meeting him/her in person. After all you can evaluate a person better if you get to spend some time together. A lot can be known through one’s body language, way of speaking, mannerism and certain other things that can be attributed to physical presence. So, where should the meeting…

Should you get married in India or abroad?

Posted by Simran

Getting married is stepping into a whole new world. This new world encompasses so many prospects that are directly related to your life.  Where you would settle, how you would cope with your new surroundings, how will the changed scenario affect your world?  These are all questions that need to be assessed seriously. In Indian scenario, it is the girl who has to leave her home and settle with the husband. Therefore this blog post…

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