Intuitive alignment is the key to marital bliss. And, Rae gets it!

Posted by Simran

As featured in Evolve in The Statesman newspaper – Sun, 04 December 2016. In a society where getting married at the right time is probably more important than having a wholesome breakfast, it is getting increasingly common to find urban, educated, young professionals constantly lost in this culture. Even if the individuals know what they want or is looking for, they certainly have no idea where and how to find the right person. Mirroring the…

Your chances of finding your Prince at a party

Posted by Simran

We all have this fuzzy feeling that we will meet someone special when we go out for large parties. We dress up and feel great in our new clothes and the look in the mirror is mesmerizing. The feeling runs in the back of the mind that maybe I will meet someone special tonight and the gut wrenching quest of finding someone that would walk along the shaadi mandap to start a new journey. There…

My parents don’t like the person I like

Posted by Simran

There is a general conflict between the two generations when it comes to marriage. Both may be meaning well for the other, but a certain kind of explained and unexplained friction may exist.  Many a times, your choice won’t go well with your parents and vice versa. This is a common grouse of persons seeking to get married that their selection or choice is not favored by their parents. What is it that parents are…

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