Porto, Portugal for your next romantic getaway

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Very few people talk about Porto in Portugal as a romantic getaway choice. Most people are aware of Lisbon as a city break destination in Portugal, but hardly anyone talks about Porto.

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and I like it more than Lisbon. Keep reading to know why you should choose Porto for next romantic getaway.

Portugal is known for its architecture and in specific for the white & blue tiles used to cover walls in landmark buildings, churches and homes alike. The white and blue tiles give the architecture in Porto a distinct character. The other thing that I like about Porto’s architecture is the liberal use of colors. Porto is the most colorful city I have visited in Europe so far, whereas all the windows and doors of houses have different colors. This gives the whole city a very vibrant vibe and makes it very photographer friendly.


Blue tiles against the blue skies.

Some of the landmarks or buildings to checkout for beautiful architecture is the twin churches, Plaza de Ribeira, Sao Bento station, Dom Louis bridge, Lions’ Square, view from the top of the Clerigos Tower and the most beautiful McDonalds on Avenida dos aliados.


A church in Porto with trademark blue tiles


The main Plaza de Ribeira, which is now a UNESCO protected site

You would be surprised to know how much street art (or graffiti) is present in Porto on most available public walls. Keep your eyes peeled for the art spread on the walls there.

I love the food in Porto – especially the sweet Portuguese pastry called Nata that I was introduced to on my visit. I’m a lifelong fan now! Apart from Nata, the seafood and coffee in Porto is amazing.


Nata pastry is eaten with sugar and cinnamon powder sprinkled on top, along with an espresso coffee #Yumm

Porto is also famous for its wine, whereas some world known winery companies produce port and other wines. If you can, I would definitely recommend visiting one of the wineries and taking a half-day tour that you can easily book through your hotel.


Lunch with Sangria made with local Portuguese wine.

The vibe in Porto is very relaxed with people enjoying the sunshine, having a glass of wine, eating meals leisurely and going for evening strolls. It is the type of city where people do not rush, so it is perfect for a relaxed holiday with your partner.

To help streamline your visit, below is a 3-day itinerary for exploring Porto.

Day 1

9.00 am – Enjoy breakfast

10.30 am  – Explore Porto with a walking tour company like The Other Side. A walking tour enables you to get a sense of the city, and know which places you want to revisit. If you are not a walking person, then opt to do the city tour by a tuk-tuk that is a common way of transport in Porto.

14.30 pm – Go to Café Majestic for some well deserved lunch

16.00 pm – Walk on Via Catarina street for some retail therapy

19.30 pm  – Head back to your hotel to get ready for dinner

20.30 pm – Head out for dinner


Tuk-tuk is a very common mode of transport in Porto


Beautiful interiors of Café Majestic

 Day 2

9.00 am – Have breakfast

10.30 am  – Go to Clerigos Tower and climb to the top for breath-taking view of Porto. This is the highest viewpoint in the city and a good way to burn the breakfast calories.

12.00 pm  – Have lunch

13.30 hrs- Visit the Livraria Lello & Irmao bookshop that is based in the Porto city center. This place is a must visit for its beautiful interior and for the fun fact that it inspired JK Rowling was inspired to write the Harry Potter nooks here.

14.30 pm – Walk to the Porto Cathedral and after seeing its beautiful interiors and enjoying the view of the city from there, walk down to Plaza de Ribeira. The narrow streets on the way are very characteristic.

Make sure to grab a coffee or snack from one of the many tiny restaurants in the narrow streets on your way to Plaza de Ribeira.

17.30 pm – Head back to your hotel for some rest.

18.30 pm – Head out for drinks and appetizers.

20.00 pm – Have a romantic dinner.


Clerigos Tower, which provides the highest viewpoint in Porto


View from Clerigos Tower


The most beautiful bookshop I have ever seen, called Livraria Lello & Irmao 

 Day 3

9.00 am – Have breakfast

10.30 am  – Head to the famous Dom Louis bridge and climb to the top of it for breath-taking views of Porto from the top.

11.30 am – Head to one of wineries for a tour.

14.00 pm – Have lunch

15.00 pm – Take a leisurely stroll

16.00 pm  – Head to the famous Sao Bento station to look at the 20,000 blue tiles used in making the interior of the railway station.

17.00 pm – Do some shopping

19.30 – Have an early dinner on your last night in Porto.


The interiors of Sao Bento station, which is comprised of 20,000 blue tiles


The Dom Louise bridge in Porto that is made by the student of Gustave Eiffel, who architected the Eiffel Tower.

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