Tuscany as your romantic getaway

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When I think of all my past holidays in Italy, I get reminded of sunshine, pasta and gelato! The Tuscany region in specific is quite close to my heart. As many books and movies have educated us, Italians lead a very balanced work-home lifestyle. They are quite family-oriented and do not believe in stressing a lot over work. Please note that this does not mean that Italians are not hard working!

Tuscany in specific has a very relaxed vibe. A lot of factors come to play to cater to this: beautiful green countryside, great food, and a huge wine-producing region. Thus, if you are looking for a relaxed holiday or ideas for your next romantic getaway then Tuscany should probably be one of your top choices!

There are three main cities in Tuscany that should definitely be on your list when you travel: Pisa, Florence and Sienna. There are other small villages and towns spread across Tuscany (like Luca and San Gimignano) that will give a more authentic Tuscan countryside experience to you. But, if you are more of a city person and like to have a city centre to explore, shops and more than a handful options for eating out, then stick to these three cities.


A hotel in the Tuscan countryside near San Gimignano


Pretty windows at the countryside hotel

Pisa is famous for its Leaning Tower, which is truly an architectural masterpiece. Apart from that I really recommend visiting the leather market there and taking a horse cart ride in the city.


Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Duomo


The Leaning Tower of Pisa, up close.


Horse carriage rides in Pisa

Florence is the most commercial city in Tuscany, and it is for this very reason that I like it the least of the three. Florence has become too touristy, with everything being very expensive and not that great quality. You really need to have some insider tips and tricks to enjoy Florence, as most restaurants and shops are tourist traps.


The famous Duomo in Florence, peeking through


The famous Duomo in Florence, up close

Sienna on other hand is relatively less talked about as a city in Tuscany, but it is the most beautiful. From the architecture of the buildings, to the colourful streets, friendly local people, the food and the best gelato I tasted in Tuscany – it caters to all needs. If you choose to visit one city in Tuscany, make it Sienna.


The main piazza in Sienna, Piazza del Campo


Beautiful church somewhere in Sienna

Food is a big thing in Italian culture. Italians have a tendency to have a light breakfast (read croissant and coffee) and have heavier meals for lunch and dinner (insert pastas and pizzas).  Apart from relishing the delicious carb-heavy meals in Tuscany, you definitely need to checkout the gelatos! I can easily skip a meal to eat 2/3 gelatos everyday J


The best gelato I ate in Sienna


Pizza, anyone?


The delicious pasta is a staple meal in Tuscany

I guess it can be rightly said, ‘When in Italy, do as the Italians do’.  It is very important to realise that Tuscany is a very relaxed region of Italy in terms of lifestyle. Thus, if you are looking for a holiday with tons of things to do, or loads of options for restaurants, hotels and shopping; then Tuscany is not the right place. All cities in Tuscany can be covered in a day’s time. However, if you are looking for a holiday to relax, enjoy your partner’s company, enjoy the local culture, eat delicious food (read pizza, pasta and gelatos) everyday then Tuscany is great choice for your next getaway.

To streamline your trip to Tuscany, below is a suggestive 4-day itinerary.

Day 1

(Assuming you have flown into Pisa)

9.00 am – Have breakfast at your hotel

10.00 am- Walk towards Pisa city centre and see the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Take your time to get pictures clicked.

11.30 am – Visit the famous leather market in the city centre and pick up a 100% leather bag or a jacket for amazing prices.

12.30 am  – Stroll in the streets, walking in the direction of the main city piazza near the railway station.

13.30 pm – Go to a local restaurant for lunch.

15.00 pm- Visit the shops in the city centre.

17.30 pm – Gelato time!

18.00 pm – Head back to your hotel and relax for a bit.

19.30 pm – Head out for drinks and dinner


Do you spot the Leaning Tower of Pisa?


Goods in the Pisa leather market

 Day 2

(Assuming you stayed overnight in Pisa)

8.30 am – Have breakfast at your hotel

9.30 am- Leave for Sienna by train or car (if you can drive). Driving in Tuscany is a much better option as you get to see the green Tuscan countryside views on the way.

12.30 pm – Check-in your Sienna hotel.

13.00 pm – Go for lunch.

14.30 pm – After lunch, walk around in the city centre starting from Piazza del Compo. Sienna is the most beautiful city in Tuscany and getting lost in its streets is amazing. You can also take a walking tour of the city which starts at 14.30 pm.

16.00 pm – Take a break for a gelato

16.30 pm – Explore shopping in Sienna

18.00 pm – Head back to your hotel and relax for a bit.

19.00 pm – Head out for drinks and dinner


The Tuscan countryside makes you stop and click pictures


Walking Italians caught on camera in Sienna



The houses and streets are beautiful in Sienna

 Day 3

(Assuming you stayed overnight in Sienna)

8.30 am – Have breakfast at your hotel

9.30 am- Leave for Florence by train or car (if you can drive).

12.00 pm – Check-in your Florence hotel.

12.30 pm – Go for lunch.

14.00 pm – After lunch, explore city, mooching around in shops for some retail therapy. You can also take a walking tour of the city which starts at 14.30 pm.

15.30 pm – Take a break for a gelato

16.00 pm – Continue your retail therapy

17.30 pm – Head back to your hotel and relax for a bit.

19.00 pm – Head out for dinner

Day 4

(Assuming you stayed overnight in Florence)

9.00 am – Have breakfast

9.30 am – Head out for your Tuscany wine tour

Book a wine tour from Florence. Tuscan wine is very famous, and a wine tour in any good wine-producing villa is a great idea to have a relaxing end to your trip.

13.00 pm – You will be escorted back to your hotel or Florence city centre by the wine tour company.

13.30 pm – Have a leisurely lunch on your last day.

14.30 pm – Walk around the city and grab a gelato before heading to the airport to your flight back home.

16.30 pm – Head to the airport

P.S- You can add another day to your trip by doing a day visit to one of the other small Tuscan towns like Luca, San Gimignano.


Wine tasting in a Medici villa near Florence


Wine as stored by wine-estates

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