Why should you go to Vienna on your romantic getaway?

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If someone would to ask me, why should I go to Vienna I would summarize it as: go for cake, coffee and music (in that order!).


Coffee and cake.

Vienna is the capital city of Austria, and is one of the most beautiful European cities I have ever visited. It probably trumps Paris in its beautiful architecture in my opinion, and that’s a big statement to make!


Beautiful architecture everywhere with hints of green.


Beautiful museums


Green rooftops are common in historical buildings in the City of Music

Vienna is called the City of Music since it’s the birthplace of great musicians like Mozart and Beethoven. There are musical concerts that take place everyday performed by music students and well-known musicians alike. Thus, if you are into classical music, you should definitely attend a concert with your partner to cherish your passion together.


Statues overlooking the city people

Fair warning the two times I have been to Vienna, it has snowed like crazy! Both the visits were around the Easter festival, so prep yourselves with appropriate clothing before you leave. However, if you do go to Vienna around the Easter period, then do checkout the amazing Easter markets :)


Frozen, but beautiful Vienna.


The beautiful Easter market in Vienna.


The intricately hand-painted eggs at the Easter market.

Vienna is the only city that I have revisited just to soak in the city’s architecture and vibe in general. It is difficult to explain in words, but there seems to be a very intellectual vibe to the architecture in Vienna.

It seems like a lot of architectural and artistic planning went into making this city’s building so breath-taking beautiful. I love to get lost in the side streets in the city center an hour before the sunset to get amazing pictures! You can easily allocate half a day to walk around and soak in the city’s sounds, sights, people-watch and stare at the beautiful buildings.


The Albertina Museum with its famous horse statue.


The gothic structure of St Stephens Cathedral in the background


Inside the St Stephens Cathedral

Food is a big thing for Austrian people, and they pay extra attention to their desserts. Vegetarians might not find so much variety in restaurants, as Austria is mostly a meat-eating country. Rather than having meals in expensive restaurants, I would recommend small local restaurants or popular cafes like Café Central where you will find authentic food, get some vegetarian options but the most important thing; you will find the best cakes (read apple strudels) and coffee. I love the Viennese cakes so much, that at one point I had replaced my meals with coffee and cake!


Beautiful interiors of Café Central


Enjoying a cup of coffee in Café Central


Beautiful window displays at Café Demel


Beautiful window displays at Café Demel

Another tip before you visit Vienna would be to learn a few catchphrases in German, just in case you have trouble finding you way or looking for a toilet. My favourite words are Entschuldigung (excuse me), Danke Schoen (thank you very much) and Bitte (please)!


Beautiful viewpoint in the Schönbrunn gardens


Schönbrunn Palace as seen from the garden viewpoint building

Last but not the least, if your budget allows you can use Vienna’s beautiful architecture and beauty to get a picture portfolio made for both of you. I have seen multiple wedding or couple photo-shoots happening in Vienna on my visits. It would be the best souvenir to come back and look back at even after several years!


Wedding photo-shoot at a museum in Vienna


Take your partner for a romantic ride on a chariot in Vienna.


To streamline your trip to Vienna, below is a suggestive itinerary for 3 days.

Day 1

9.00 am – Have breakfast

10.00 am – Walk to the city centre and visit the St Stephens cathedral in Stephenplatz which has a beautiful gothic structure.

10.45 am- Take a leisurely walk in the city centre, mooching around in the shops on the way.

11.30 – Head to the Albertina museum, which has a beautiful building and always has interesting exhibits for visitors.

13.00 pm – Go to a café for lunch

14.30 pm – Head to the Spanish Riding School and take a tour to get to know its history and present usage.

16.00 pm Break for a well deserved coffee and apple strudel at a local café

17.00 pm – Take your partner for some retail therapy in the city centre

20.00 pm Get dressed and head for drinks and dinner


Entrance to the famous Spanish Riding School


Handsome horses at the Spanish Riding School

 Day 2

9.00 am – Have breakfast

10.00 am – Head to Schonbrunn Palace and buy a audio tour guide to wander in the beautiful palace and its gardens.

12.30 pm – Go to a café for lunch

14.00 pm – Head to the Museum Quarter near the Prince Eugene Monument and soak in the history and architecture of the buildings. If you are a museum/cultural person, then definitely check out the Natural History Museum and take a peek inside the National Library building.

17.00 pm Take a break for coffee and some cake.

18.00 pm- Head back to your hotel to get ready for early dinner

18.30 pm- Have an early dinner

19.30 pm – Head to a live concert or Opera performance at the Vienna State Opera (depending on your budget)

22.30 pm- Have drinks and snacks after your concert/opera performance


Prince Eugene Monument

Day 3 (Relaxed last day)

9.00 am – Have breakfast

10.00 am – Head to city centre and just walk around in the beautiful city, soaking in the city’s vibes. You can spend as long as you like doing this.

12.30 pm – Have lunch

14.00 pm – Take your partner for some shopping

19.00- Have drinks and enjoy a leisurely romantic dinner on your last night.

P.S. – You can add any other places of interest to visit on your last day.


 Night strolls sights


Interesting Viennese souvenirs to collect

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