Your chances of finding your Prince at a party

Posted by Simran

We all have this fuzzy feeling that we will meet someone special when we go out for large parties. We dress up and feel great in our new clothes and the look in the mirror is mesmerizing. The feeling runs in the back of the mind that maybe I will meet someone special tonight and the gut wrenching quest of finding someone that would walk along the shaadi mandap to start a new journey.

There are friends who have met their life partner at a party and were planning their shaadi within a month. These great stories are spinning when you are single and looking your best while going to a party or a big event. The stories are like people we hear about who won the lottery and every time you are holding a lottery ticket you have that feeling that this might be it. Sometimes it’s the fluttering eye or a special lucky charm in the day.

So we thought about checking the facts on meeting the prince charming who will walk with you in the shaadi mandap.

We apply the modified version of the Drake’s equation to solve this mystery.

G = N . fw . fl . fa . fu . fb


G = The number of potential prince

fw = The fraction of people in India who are men

fl = The fraction of men who live in Delhi

fa = The fraction of men who are age appropriate

fu = The fraction of age appropriate men who have a college degree

fb = The fraction of age appropriate, educated men who are attractive

N = population of India

G = 1,240,000,000 *  0.53 * 0.0101 * 0.20 * 0.26 * 0.05


G = 17258

That means if you are in Delhi the person who can likely turn out to be a Prince is 0.001%

Now if we take this further and see how many will find you attractive as well (1 in 10), the men who are still single (assume half) and the percentage of men who you will actually like (1 in 10) then the chances are 0.000005%.

That is 1 in 2 lakh chance you will meet the right person at a party on any given night in Delhi.

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