Where should you first meet your prospective partner for the first time?

Posted by Simran

With the help of your friends/family/ matrimonial site, you have managed to zero in on one prospective life mate. You really cannot make a decision without meeting him/her in person. After all you can evaluate a person better if you get to spend some time together. A lot can be known through one’s body language, way of speaking, mannerism and certain other things that can be attributed to physical presence. So, where should the meeting happen?

Conventionally speaking, such meetings happen at one’s home only. It may be at the girl’s or the boy’s home. But there is a catch here: you will be surrounded by a host of relatives from both sides. This is bound to make you feel like a specimen where you and the other one are being judged and weighed by people. This often becomes uncomfortable and awkward. Then you will be allowed to spend some time alone with the prospect. You may be sent to a separate room or the garden. Now, such kinds of meetings do not allow much scope for you to know the other person properly. You and your prospective partner will be ill at ease under the prying eyes and eavesdropping relatives.

We suggest that you try to meet each other outside the confines of home, so that you can find out more about each other in a freer environ. Big question that pops its head out is: Where to meet?

Ideally you should head out to lively places like a restaurant or a mall or a park. Meeting in such places will keep your disposition natural and there will be an air of comfort, away from prying eyes of family members where both the parties are being watched, probed and judged. These plays take away the usual tension of formality and offer an easy atmosphere for two strangers where they can share their views about everything and anything.

It is said that two unknown people get all privacy and seclusion in a crowded place that they need to know each other. Both of you will be freer in your mood and mentality. It is here that you can meet the other person naturally, where either of you won’t be over or under dressed for the occasion. You will be able to find out how the other person loves to dress, how he or she carries him or herself in public areas. What does the other person likes to eat?  Places like malls, food joints, food courts or fine dining restaurants  offer a sort of an informal feel making one extremely comfortable even in an unknown company. Food plays and important role in uplifting the mood and hence the confidence of people. So much can be discussed over a cup of coffee or dinner.

Meeting over a leisurely lunch or dinner will give you ample time to find out about each other. The conversation here will be easy and free flowing where you two can find out about each other’s life, life styles, likes and dislikes, careers and future plans. In such fun and free places you are at an advantage in terms of time that you get to spend with each other, there will be no clock that will go tick tock tick to remind you about time constraints. You will be more outgoing and forthcoming in your behavior with each other, without getting that uncomfortable feeling of being judged.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and fix that meeting!!!!!!

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