Should Astrology be a deciding factor in your Marriage alliance?

Posted by Simran

In traditional Indian marriages, it is often seen that people match the horoscopes of prospects even before seeing or meeting them. As it is, astrology enjoys a deeply embedded influence in Indian households and when it comes to a serious subject called marriage, astrology is given utmost importance.

Well it is a debatable issue whether astrology actually plays the role of an important guide in deciding matrimonial alliance. Many a times, wonderful matches are done away with just because the astro chart of that prospect did not match. Many incidents are cited where the prospect suited the match in every aspect but the horoscope had some bad stars. To believe or not to believe is the big question here. This is a very delicate issue and elders are quite touchy about it. Astrology is deep rooted in our conventional values and elders expect that horoscopes should be matched before giving the final nod.

In many cases, it has been noticed that desperate parents manipulate the original astro charts to match the astro chart of the prospect. Many astrological readers or so called God men often play fraudsters to earn quick buck from their faithful clients.  Therefore, if at all you have to seek astrological assistance, make sure that the astrologer is genuine; the horoscope is genuine and hasn’t been tampered with.

Here we would like to stress that one should not follow astrology blindfolded. If the proposal has come through close friends or family and enjoys strong recommendation in terms of status, education, personality or nature then one should not base his or her decision solely on the basis of astrological analysis. You ought to try to meet the prospect and understand him or her as your future life mate.

Of course if the astrological readings are really negative then you can let go of the alliance because it is no good crying over spilt milk. Marriage is a sacred bond and one has to invest a lifetime in it. Therefore it is advisable to take all aspects into consideration before accepting or declining the alliance.

Ideally, one should take into account the family, lifestyle, career, personality, nature and astrological readings in a balanced mix. Such careful and cautious understanding of the alliance will definitely help in preserving the sanctity of marriage.  Marriage is more fun if the two of you share same interests, goals and future plans. Mismatched couples in terms of physical attributes, likes and dislikes but matching horoscopes are not happy and satisfied in their marriages. Marriages based on faith and understanding are known to last better and longer in comparison to marriages based solely on astrological decisions.

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