Should you get married in India or abroad?

Posted by Simran

Getting married is stepping into a whole new world. This new world encompasses so many prospects that are directly related to your life.  Where you would settle, how you would cope with your new surroundings, how will the changed scenario affect your world?  These are all questions that need to be assessed seriously. In Indian scenario, it is the girl who has to leave her home and settle with the husband. Therefore this blog post is relevant mostly for girls who are looking to get married.

There has been a continuous trend of settling abroad after married. More and more parents and even the girls are more interested in considering NRI candidatures.  You may be one of those who are looking forward to settle overseas after getting married, because greener pastures beckon you. Or you may be the one who is comfortable in your own niche. As there are two sides to every coin, this issue also has its own aspects.

When you decide to fly westwards, you have to remember that you will be facing a major change in terms of culture, weather and environment. Though the western countries exhibit more discipline, more freedom and modern outlook, you will be missing the warmth of Indian culture. There is a certain kind of laid back attitude in India which you will find lacking in US and UK. While in India you may not have respected the time, you will have to account for second by second that is passing by in the west. Extremities of weather will also pose a challenge during your initial stages of settling down.

Another thing that is worth considering is that while there is wonderful support in terms of machines and gadgets when you run your home, there is absolute lack of emotional support because you will not have your family and friends around you if you face any emotional challenge in your life. Your spouse, no matter how supportive or loving he may be, will not have the time to delve into your emotional problems. In the western countries, even your friends are available only at the weekends, unlike in India where friends are there for you 24 by 7.

When you consider a match from overseas, do make an effort to do a thorough back ground check in terms of his job, his dwelling, choice of friends, and his hangout places. Be very very sure before you commit to such proposal. It is not uncommon that many a girls have been victims of fraud proposals. Do not get lured by the number of houses he owns, or the fat salary that has been mentioned in the matrimonial profile. We come across cases where the guy was already married to a foreign girl and here he was in India to get married to please his family. It is easier to do background checks in India as compared to western countries.

When you decide to get married and settle abroad, do so with your eyes and ears open. Go with an open mind. Your conservative approach may also be a hindrance in your relationship with your spouse. You will have to accept his friendship with ladies as naturally you would with his guy friends. It would be better if you could take up a job there to consume your time and energies.

Be ready to work hard since you will not get any domestic help unless you are really rich and can afford one. In India, there is no dearth of domestic helps, each house hold as at least one or two helps .On the contrary, getting house help is considered a luxury in the west. Of course you will have gadgets to simplify things for you. Cleaner environment and great infrastructure will also help you settle into your new nest more comfortably.

While you decide to stay and settle in India you will be comfortable with the weather, the environment, the culture and the presence of your family and family.

Now that you have thought over the issues carefully with a positive mindset, you can tie that knot and fly away to discover new horizons.

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