How to prioritize finding a lifelong partner with a busy work life?

Posted by Simran

Agreed, you have been very busy climbing up that professional ladder or cementing your foot steps in your work sphere and have had no time to devote to settling down into marriage. You will have to agree that there is a time and place for everything. The longer you procrastinate, more tedious the job of finding a soul mate becomes.

You have to prioritize the landmarks of your life according to your mindset. For some, it is to own a house and a four wheeler before tying the nuptial knot. For some, it is having some savings in their bank accounts before getting married, or getting that ultimate promotion that they have been working hard for. But in this race for achieving these self-set goals, one may become too late to ride that bus that he or she was trying to get into.

No matter how busy you are, how possessed you are about your career and personal goals, you have to ultimately give a thought to getting married. While not denying the fact that there is an ongoing trend of late marriages, we cannot also not ignore that marriage is an all important part of one’s life.  You ought to have someone to share your success stories with, who would understand your stress and predicament and give you advice and support.

If you have not had time so far, take out some time now to find your life partner. Entrust this responsibility of finding you a soul mate to your family and friends. With the world becoming so small, thanks to the internet, it won’t be difficult to find a life partner.  Let the word spread that you are looking to get married. There is no dearth of match makers in our society.

Your friends who know you and your preferences well can really help you to find a match for you. They are well acquainted with your likes-dislikes, your ambitions, demands and pressures of your work. They understand you the way even your parents might not. Belonging to the same age and times, they also share the same thought process as yours. Though they may not possess the wisdom and foresight of your elders, friends can naturally act as best match makers.

You can also rely on your family to find you a match. You cannot deny the fact that elders will always want your happiness. They have seen life with close quarters and hence possess that insight that is needed in such matters. Recommendations from neighbors, colleagues, relatives can also help you to reach a decision.

Internet offers you wonderful means to conduct your search for a life partner. There are so many matrimonial websites where you can find and meet any number of proposals. With strong communication means like web chat, Skype etc. you can see a person who is sitting thousands of miles away from you. You can have any number of interactive rounds with short listed matches without actually meeting them. More interactions will get you an idea of the personality and disposition of the person sitting across.

It depends on you and you only when you decide to get married. But it is essential that you take this decision before being left alone at the top rung of the ladder in terms of your professional and social life. Therefore take out some time and give some serious thought to the idea of finding that someone special who will be a continuous source of joy and support for the rest of your life.

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