How should I conduct my shaadi search?

Posted by Simran


Now that you have decided that you need a companion for the rest of your life, the next natural step would be to look for one. Now before you embark on the uphill journey (yes, I call it uphill journey because it is quite a task finding out that one right person who is going to be with you for the rest of your life). There are so many expectations, specifications, apprehensions and doubts in your mind and heart when you start your search for that special person.

So, how to go about it? This is one eternal question for all those looking for spouses. First and foremost suggestion would be to start getting noticed, be it in your virtual world or the real one.  This will initiate your search.  You will have to create a profile of yours which could be circulated on matrimonial sites as well as amongst your circle of relatives and friends. Your profile should be prepared in a way so as to speak volumes about your personality, physique, lifestyle and profession. It should be an honest presentation of your whole being because false information may get your proposals but in the end they will falter away in lack of concrete substance.  Honesty and transparency are the two keys to unlock real time alliance. Go to a photographer and get yourself clicked for a full length shot and a close up shot.  Your remuneration / financial status also plays a big part in finding the right match, so please don’t ever goof up by stating wrong figures and misguiding the other party interested in your matrimonial.

It is also time spread the word within your circle of colleagues, friends and relatives that you are indeed looking out to get married. Word of mouth always plays an important role in such matters, as people often tend to believe what is being conveyed by the persons known to them.  This the most traditional and effective method to find your soul mate. Of course in present times, you have the entire world in your palms at the click of the mouse. Virtual world is an equally effective tool to come across a plethora of matrimonial prospects.  This is less time consuming and you can have a look at a wide range of proposals online.

Now that the word has been spread, be ready to pursue and peruse the proposals that come your way. This has to be done with alacrity, smartness and of course using your intelligence and intuition. Don’t go about visiting and meeting any and every proposal that comes your way. Take time to ponder and understand the shortlisted proposal and then actually spend your time, energy and resources to meet and judge the person. At the same time don’t deliberate the process unnecessarily by making senseless or baseless comparisons.  This can undermine the seriousness of your intent.  Compare and then consider sensibly. After all this is a serious matter and this decision is going to stay with you for the rest of your life.

So allow me to be your navigator to help you sail thru this beautiful process of finding that person who is sent from the Heavens for you and only you.  Keep a lookout for more relevant posts on this space.

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