In the wrong relationship for 10 years

Posted by Simran

Sometimes women are in the wrong relationship for over 10 years before realizing that they need to walk away. Why would someone bear all the emotional upheaval and not make a change? How do you know if this is worth the effort to make better or something personally unbearable ? Let’s look at the most stressful life events for adults on the Holmes and Rahe stress scale: 1. Death of a spouse 2. Divorce 3….

Intuitive alignment is the key to marital bliss. And, Rae gets it!

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As featured in Evolve in The Statesman newspaper – Sun, 04 December 2016. In a society where getting married at the right time is probably more important than having a wholesome breakfast, it is getting increasingly common to find urban, educated, young professionals constantly lost in this culture. Even if the individuals know what they want or is looking for, they certainly have no idea where and how to find the right person. Mirroring the…

Porto, Portugal for your next romantic getaway

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Very few people talk about Porto in Portugal as a romantic getaway choice. Most people are aware of Lisbon as a city break destination in Portugal, but hardly anyone talks about Porto. Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and I like it more than Lisbon. Keep reading to know why you should choose Porto for next romantic getaway. Portugal is known for its architecture and in specific for the white & blue tiles…

Tuscany as your romantic getaway

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When I think of all my past holidays in Italy, I get reminded of sunshine, pasta and gelato! The Tuscany region in specific is quite close to my heart. As many books and movies have educated us, Italians lead a very balanced work-home lifestyle. They are quite family-oriented and do not believe in stressing a lot over work. Please note that this does not mean that Italians are not hard working! Tuscany in specific has a…

Why should you go to Vienna on your romantic getaway?

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If someone would to ask me, why should I go to Vienna I would summarize it as: go for cake, coffee and music (in that order!). Coffee and cake. Vienna is the capital city of Austria, and is one of the most beautiful European cities I have ever visited. It probably trumps Paris in its beautiful architecture in my opinion, and that’s a big statement to make! Beautiful architecture everywhere with hints of green. Beautiful museums Green…

Why should you go to Paris on your honeymoon?

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Paris is one of the most talked about European cities by all kinds of travellers. However, as cheesy as it may sound, it is the perfect place for a romantic holiday with your partner. I guess some clichés are made for a good reason Eiffel tower as seen from the Trocadero, Paris. Although Paris is one of the most populated and busy European cities, it still has a calm vibe about itself, which makes so…

Can Banihal work for married couples?

Posted by Ishdeep Sawhney

Banihal is a startup and our objective is to find the best match for individuals looking to find the right partner to enjoy and build their family with. However, we have been asked by every married couple that has interacted with us if we could use our technology to give insights for them. In 2008 there was a global financial crisis and the US economic system could have completely collapsed after the failure of Lehman…

Ki & Ka – What is the story?

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Our CEO, Ishdeep Sawhney, recently met the legendary ad man of India and Chairman of MullenLowe Lintas, Mr. Balki. You can read the full article here on this meeting and thoughts from our CEO. Ki & Ka Story Some excerpts from that article: At Banihal we have a neuroscience based recommendation engine for finding the perfect life partner. Any user who hears about Banihal for the first time, makes a decision about whether Banihal is…